5 Pack Healthy Self Fitness Resistance Bands

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• FIVE LEVEL RESISTANCE – Precisely indicated with dots and colours. X-LIGHT Thickness=0.35mm, Resistance=2kg // LIGHT Thickness=0.5mm, Resistance=5kg // MEDIUM Thickness=0.70mm, Resistance=10kg // HEAVY Thickness=0.90mm, Resistance=15kg // X-HEAVY Thickness=1.10mm, Resistance=20kg

• ODOURLESS NATURAL LATEX – Only natural rubber is used on our products. DOES NOT contain recycled materials that are smelly and harmful to users. *NOTE: the surface of natural latex products will slightly turn white, which is perfectly normal. Only 100% natural latex would reveal such characteristic.

• LONG-LASTING ELASTICITY – Liquid Molding with natural latex for outstanding durability. No added glues and additives to compromise the elasticity of the product. The bands will remain highly elastic even after repeated use.

• VERSATILITY add intensity of your no-equipment workouts and fills the gap of your regular training. With the help of bands, you can now add more precision to work out a specific muscle group and slowly build up your muscle control and strength by moving to a higher intensity level.

• PACKAGE INCLUDES: Healthy Self Fitness Bag x 1pc // Latex Resistance Bands x 5pcs // EXTENDED LENGTH 600MM // in Various Blue

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Weight.130 kg
Dimensions5 × 16 × 19 cm


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