At Healthy Self Fitness it is our mission to empower our clients to achieve their health and fitness goals while honoring the connection between physical activity and connection to nature.

We specialize in run coaching, trail run coaching and hiking experiences for women, sharing our knowledge and love for the land to inspire our clients to challenge themselves both physically and mentally while developing a deep appreciation for the environment.

We also offer personal training, and small group training and recently have opened the first First Nations Fitness Merchandise shop.





About Trisha Lindgren

My name is Trisha Lindgren. I am a personal trainer, hiking guide and run coach and the Director of Healthy Self Fitness.

After experiencing my own fitness transformation in 2018, losing 25 kilos (running on country), I wanted to share this experience with other women and and so Healthy Self Fitness was born.

I live in Adelaide, South Australia with my husband and children.

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